The Realty Association Forms

· Letterhead.doc
· Listing Agreement (includes Showing Instructions)
· Listing Input Forms (RealTracs MLS)
· Lot / Land Property Disclosure Statement (strongly recommended for all Lot or Land sales)
· NACA Buyer Application (Zero Down Payment Program)
· Notice (to cancel, withdraw, or to give some other notice to one of the parties)
· Occupancy Agreement for Seller After Closing (for delayed possession)
· Personal Interest Disclosure (included on our Confirmation of Agency form)
· Referral Agreement
· Seller's FINAL Property Condition Disclosure
· Seller's Net Sheet (blank form)
· Short Sale Addendum
· Showing Instructions
· Status Change & Listing Agreement Amendment Form (RealTracs MLS)
· Subsurface Sewage Disposal System Permit Disclosure (required if new construction on Septic System)
One of the following three forms is required with all Residential contracts:
· TN Residential Property Condition DISCLOSURE (3 page full Disclosure form)
plus separate FINAL Property Disclosure (at or before closing)
· TN Residential Property Condition EXEMPTION (required to prove reason for exemption)
· TN Residential Property Condition DISCLAIMER Statement (AVOID if possible)
· Termination of Agency
· VA / FHA Loan Addendum (required on all VA and FHA contracts)


Realty Association forms can be filled out, saved, and e-mailed with a FREE software program that can be downloaded here: CutePDF Writer
Instructions for using CutePDF Writer to fill out and e-mail forms can be found HERE.


TAR Forms

The TAR forms have a new numbering system, and a new copyright protection system that automatically prints the user name on each page of the forms. This means that members must now download the forms from their own personal login page as it will track each user. It also means that real estate offices are no longer allowed to print blank forms to hand out at the front desk. However, you may print your own blank forms (with your name printed on them) to carry with you in the field. The new forms must be downloaded from the TAR website:

Transaction Desk Instructions

Login with your Username (email) and Password, click the "Members" tab, and then select "Transaction Desk" or "Forms on the Fly" to access the new forms.

An alternate site is available if you prefer (or if the TAR website is down):

TAR Transaction Desk login

Both of these websites are password protected, so you need to make sure you have the correct user name and passwords to access them. You may have different logins for both sites. The user name is often your name as it appears on your license, or your email address that you registered with TAR. The password is often your 9 digit National Realtors Database System (NRDS) number or something else if you ever changed it.

You can locate your NRDS number here:

For TAR login assistance call TAR at 321-1477