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Upcoming TRA Training Classes

All classes are FREE of charge and are held in our training room at The Realty Association (TRA) office. 


We offer small group and one-on-one trainings when you need them! Just call Jim to book a class. See sample class list below:

BASIC Transaction Desk / Authentisign Class

         "The 3 Minute Counter Offer" - see a live demo of how you can

      send  out a counter offer response for digital signatures in about 3


  • "The 1 Minute Signing" - see a live demo of how you or your client can digitally sign a contract on a smartphone in about 1 minute!

  • How to Login to Transaction Desk through the new TN Realtors site

  • How to get Support, and access training materials 24/7/365

  • How to print blank TN Realtors forms (to fill out later by hand)

  • How to edit (fill out) and print TN Realtors forms, without signatures

  • How to digitally sign (or prep for your client's digital signature) a form that was sent to you

  • How to email/print/fax documents from your Transaction Desk DocBox

  • How to create a complete contract package from start to finish, including digital signatures!

ADVANCED Transaction Desk / Authentisign 

This is an Advanced Transaction Desk class for those that have completed the Basic class, or those that have successfully completed actual transactions before.​​

  • How to complete a complex full transaction package (intentionally designed to be tricky)

  • How to customize settings, preferences, branding, and widgets

  • How to login to Transaction Desk through the MLS

  • How to upload documents into your transaction (5 different ways!)

  • How to sign any document (including personal documents) using DocBox and Authentisign

  • How to complete an “In-Person” signing using a PIN (when client is with you personally)

  • How to move, merge, split, copy to cloud, email, delete, download, markup, rename, rotate, and rearrange documents and pages in DocBox!

  • How to use your personal Transaction Desk email address to email forms directly to DocBox!

  • How to store relevant email and voicemail communications in Transaction Desk!

  • How to use the super versatile DocBox Print Driver to virtually print documents directly to your DocBox or any transaction folder!

Mastering the Purchase and Sale Agreement

         (for all agents)

  • Understanding all sections of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Questions to ask the listing agent BEFORE preparing the offer

  • Best options for inspection contingency resolution

  • Eliminate repair proposal headaches!

  • How much earnest money is ideal

  • Best closing date

  • Understanding performance deadlines

  • Special Stipulations language

  • Time Limit of Offers

  • Binding Agreement Date

  • PSA Timeline Checklist

  • Compensation Agreement between Listing and Selling Broker

Mastering the Agency Agreements

  • Master the TRA Listing Agreement and Buyer Agency Agreement

  • Get a one year term on all your agency agreements!

  • Offer an alternative to Exclusive Agency where the seller wants to sell it themselves!

  • Avoid dual agency!

  • Reduce risk on Property Condition Disclosures!

Setting Up Your Personal TRA Website!

  • How to access and edit your new personal website

  • How to add / change your photo and contact information

  • How to add your Bio info

  • How to customize content boxes

  • How to add your featured listings

  • How to add lead generation tools

TRA Paperwork Requirements and Tools of the Trade (for new agents)

1. Training Opportunities at The Realty Association

2. Selecting a Local Association of Realtors         

3. Navigating The Realty Association website (

4. Navigating

5. Introduction to RealTracs MLS  (

6. Introduction to Courthouse Retrieval System

7. MLS Keycard and Lockboxes

8.  Setting up a database

9. Review of office policies

10. TRA Paperwork requirements and checklist

11.  Professional Conduct: Realtor Etiquette and Professional Courtesies

Mastering the Buyer Side (for all agents)
    • Covering Buyer Agency and representing buyers
    • Mastering the Buyer Agency Agreement
    • Agency Disclosure
    • Showing Procedures and Etiquette
    • Disclosures and Disclaimers
    • From Contract to Closing

Mastering the Seller Side (for all agents)

  • Covering Seller Agency and representing sellers

  • Understanding the TRA Listing Agreement

  • Seller Disclosures and Disclaimers

  • From Listing Contract to Closing

  • RealTracs MLS: Entering and Editing Listings, Uploading Photos, etc.

  • master the TRA Listing Agreement!

  • get a one year term on all your listings!

  • offer an alternative to Exclusive Agency where the seller wants to sell it themselves!

  • avoid dual agency!

  • eliminate repair proposal headaches!

  • reduce risk on Property Condition Disclosures!

Mastering Real Estate Mobile Apps!

  • RealTracs Mobile App

  • HomeSnap App

  • SentriCard Mobile App

  • Realtors Property Resource (RPR) App

  • TransactionDesk App

  • ShowingTime Mobile App

Mastering the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) Tips, Reports, Procedures!

  • How to use the RealTrac CMA tools

  • How to use the CRS CMA tools

  • Limitations of automated CMA systems

  • Shortcuts and secrets to completing a great CMA

  • How to generate professional CMA reports for your clients

  • Advantage of utilizing "Absorption Rate"

  • Appraisal and BPO guidelines and adjustments


The Realty Association's

Training Site

RF203 Exemption Notification Form changed (for the better!):

TNRealtors recently changed this form so that it now includes the additional information about injection wells, whether the house was moved, perc and soil tests results, sinkholes, and PUDs. This is a good and logical change, and it means we no longer have to include a second form (RF205) as the new RF203 combines the info from both forms. Yea! 

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